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The inspiration for my artwork comes from a fascination with the ancient stone works throughout the world, earth energies, a respect and interest with native medicine wheels, and the spiritual significance surrounding them. Being situated on beautiful rolling grasslands overlooking grand vistas added to their allure for me. Back-dropped by the stars, showing it's calibration with them, I find amazing. Perhaps a better term for them would be prairie temples. Re-creating them in artwork, both in existing and fictional variety has been something I've wanted to do for some time. The crop circle designs were a natural extension from the medicine wheel format, given my interest in them as well. Most crop circle designs are quite complex, but I continue to come up with new methods of re-creating them.
Please re-visit the site as I continually do new designs in this type of format, and I am always coming up with other types of artwork as well, which I endeavor to keep original.

Tiny stones and various vegetation placed individually into a papier-mâché substrate topped with either latex and white paint for a snowdrift effect or hobby turf. After curing, the artwork is glued to a backboard and mounted in aged and distressed rough-cut cedar frames, behind glass with frosted borders. The tiny stones used, are in either black, natural, and rainbow rock. The OM symbol and Pythagorean symbol for well-being are done with the same stones as well as larger white stones with brown and black sand. All medicine wheel designs come with a description, along with a brief history of the medicine wheel. All crop circle designs come with a description applied to the back. Artwork comes with a mounting hanger and felt wall protectors (already attached). For artwork 33 inches x 13 3/4 inches, a small wall anchor is recommended.

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