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The Alton Barnes Crop Circle (UK)

The Alton Barnes Crop Circle (UK)

SKU: 149

An approximate representation of a 600 foot crop circle formation from 1990, Alton Barnes UK. The angle of 19.47 degrees is produced by the top 3 circles (on center line) in relation to their size with each other. A tetrahedron circumscribed within a shere, touches the sphere at a latitude of 19.47 degrees. Many geological anomalies exist at this latitude on several planets in the solar system, such as the great red spot on Jupiter, the storm on Uranus, Mars and the Earth.

A work that can make a one of a kind addition to any living space. Every piece made will have it's own unique qualities that set it apart from any other of similar design and done freehand. Made with a substrate of pulp and plaster, the tiny black stones are placed individually into the substrate along with field grasses. Once curred, is topped with a mixture of latex and white paint to produce a snowdrift effect. The artwork is adhered to a backboard and mounted with screws in a rustic, aged and distressed cedar rough cut frame, behind glass with a frosted boarder. Comes with the description, mounting hanger and felt wall protectors (already attached). A small wall anchor is recommended. Item sold will be the one seen in the photo's.

Dimensions: 33" x 13 3/4" x 1 1/4" deep 

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