Three Alberta Medicine Wheels

Three Alberta Medicine Wheels

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These designs are approximate re-creations of 3 mapped medicine wheels from Alberta.

Top design: The most common medicine wheel type found in Alberta, of which 14 are known to exist.

Center: The Bulls Forehead medicine wheel (see single item decription).

Bottom: Second most common medicine wheel type found in Alberta, of which 3 are known to exist.

A work that can make a one of a kind addition to any living space. Every piece made will have it's own unique qualities that set it apart from any other of similar design and not produced using a template. Made with a substrate of pulp, drywall mud and glue. The tiny black stones are placed individually into the substrate along with field grasses. After 1 week of curing, is then topped in a mixture of latex and white paint to produce a snowdrift effect. Has raised rock cairns that gives the piece a 3 dimensional component. The artwork is adhered to a backboard and vigorously tested to ensure the stones and grasses remain in place. Mounted with screws in a rustic, aged and distressed cedar rough cut frame, behind glass with frosted boarders. Comes with a description, a brief history of the medicine wheel, mounting hanger and felt wall protectors (already attached). Item sold will be the one seen in the photo's.

Dimensions: 33" x 13 3/4" x 1 1/4" deep. A small wall anchor is recommended.

  • Cleaning and repair

    Spray a small amount of cleaner onto a microfibre cloth and gently wipe glass.

    Should the glass ever need a cleaning on the inside, lay artwork face down and mark the orientation of the backboard in the frame. Remove screws, gently pry out backboard and put in a safe spot. Clean glass gently, don't scrub against edges of applied frosting. Gently lay artwork back into the frame, noting orientation.     

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