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About David Youngman

The inspiration for my artwork comes from a fascination with the ancient stone works throughout the world, earth energies, a respect and interest with indigenous medicine wheels, and the spiritual significance surrounding them. Medicine wheels, often being situated on beautiful rolling grasslands overlooking grand vistas added to their allure for me. Back dropped by the stars, showing alignments and calibration with them, I find simply amazing. Perhaps a better term for them would be prairie temples. they share similarities with other ancient stone ruins from around the world, such as being circular, symbolizing unity and astronomical alignments as seen with Stonehenge. Recreating them in artwork, both in existing and fictitious variety has been something I've wanted to do for some time. The crop circle designs were a natural extension from the medicine wheel format, given my interest in them as well. Most crop circle designs are quite complex, but I continue to come up with new methods of recreating them.
Please revisit the site as I continually do new designs in this type of format, and I am always coming up with other types of artwork as well, which I try to keep original.

Tiny stones and various vegetation placed individually into a paper mache substrate topped with either latex and white paint for a snowdrift effect or hobby turf. After curring, the artwork is glued to a backboard and mounted in aged and distressed rouphcut cedar frames, behind glass with frosted borders. The om symbol and pythagorean symbol for wellbeing are done the white, and also brown and black sand. 

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