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Sacred Ring Solar Temple

This sacred ring/medicine wheel is estimated to be 5000 years old, from the carbon dating of a bone fragment found in the formations central cairn. Commonly known as the Majorville medicine wheel in southern Alberta and "Omahkiyaahkohtoohp" which is Blackfoot for "Old Big Arrangement". Numerous rock groupings and marker rocks in the area surrounding it suggest several solar alignments. Referred to as "Canada's Stonehenge" by the author Gordon R. Freeman in his book by the same name. He has done much physical research at both the O.B.A. formation and the Stonehenge site. Interestingly both sites lie within one half of a degree of latitude to each other. Luckily this ancient gem was left alone by, and or not discovered by the early settlers given it's remote location and remains intact.

This artwork portrayal of the formation was kept more symmetrical than the real one on the ground. But in keeping with the original, has 28 spokes from the central cairn that is approximately 9 meters in diameter, to the outer ring, about 28 meters in diameter.

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