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The Alton Priors Crop Glyph And The Possible Evolution of Genetics.

Updated: May 26, 2021

One of the most interesting crop circle formations is the Alton Priors crop glyph and it's similarities in appearance to the DNA double helix.

This arrangement of 94 circles also shares another likeness with a crop glyph from Alton Barnes in 1999. The Alton Barnes crop glyph featured a 9 coiled pattern and appeared on the final day of the Aztec calendar. This circle also resembled DNA strands and was symbolic of the coiled serpent Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god.

On June 16, 1996, rumbling sounds were heard at 5:45am above the barley field from Knap Hill.

Luminous spheres were witnessed by a couple, projecting short beams of light towards the ground, then flying north towards Avebury and leaving the 600 foot pattern.

As this was happening in the UK, a gathering was taking place in South Dakota. A group of native tribes from around the world, came to share in prophesies of the "star nation people" (an off planet civilization) who claimed to be the ancestors and teachers to many indigenous cultures.

A Hopi elder, Roy Little Sun, told of an upcoming solar event and how the power of the heavens will step down to the Earth.

Perhaps this is in reference to the solar flash, prophesied by many diverse cultures and religions, possibly triggering genetic upgrades.

Also stated, is that the new moon is an opening to a gate of star knowledge, in reference to a planetary alignment on the date of June 16, 1996! Why do we have only 2 strands of operable DNA and why do scientists refer to the remaining strands as "junk DNA"?

Nature doesn't do junk...

It should be noted that no crop circles (the ones that are not faked) leave any damage to the crop, they continue to mature and are harvested.

Although the amount of crop circles were in decline of that year, the patterns became to have an increasing level of complexity to them.

There are so many crop circle patterns that I would love to depict in this format of artwork, however most have far too much complexity and detail to be done freehand. Some of the details regarding the crop circles have been gleaned from the book "Secrets in the fields".

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