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Barbury Castle Crop Circle

Barbury Castle Crop Circle

SKU: 134

An approximation of a crop circle formation from 1991, Barbury castle, UK. In brief the formation features a hidden tetrahedron, an alchemical and hermetic symbol. It demonstrates the principal of 3 in 1 by the central circle containing the combined areas of the 3 circles around it. This formation also encodes hidden geometry of the pentagonal, hexagonal, and the heptagonal.

A work that can make a one of a kind addition to any living space. Every piece made will have it's own unique qualities that set it apart from any other of similar design and done freehand. Made with a substrate of pulp and plaster, the tiny natural colored stones are placed individually into the substrate along with field grasses. Once curred, is topped with a mixture of latex and white paint to produce a snowdrift effect. The artwork is adhered to a backboard and mounted with screws in a rustic, aged and distressed cedar rough cut frame, behind glass with a frosted boarder. Comes with a description, mounting hanger and felt wall protectors (already attached). Item sold will be the one seen in the photo's.

Dimensions: 13 3/4" sq. x 1 1/4" deep

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